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The YUMMY stuff!!!  Dining with us is something special...​

Come feast with us...for generations breaking bread together has been a time to share, to celebrate, to bond and to love.  A feast is a celebration of the food that gives us strength in the company that gives us soul...

Let us tempt you with some of our signature dishes, its dinner but not as you know it...

Start with... Braised Duck, Mango, Onion Sprouts, Crisp Rye, Toasted Almonds & Mango Mustard Dressing

Followed by... Rosemary and Garlic Roast Lamb Leg with Minted Jelly and Butternut Puree

Add some... Charred King Salmon with White Wine Butter and Lemon Cous Cous

Finish with... Drunken Chocolate and Ginger Bread Mousse

Dietary requirements?

Not a problem, our kitchen team are experts at looking after your dietary needs and ensure all our wedding, function and accommodation guests leave with their dietary expectations exceeded... 

Got more questions about the way we do things at LaValla? Check out our FAQ's



Got a gig coming up? Want to hold it offsite and need us to cater?  We can arrange that

It's special

We feast family style! We make sure the food fits your cultural requirements, creates conversation, and leaves you feeling satisfied...

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Our events

You don't need your own function to dine with us.  Simply find out what's coming up to join us for one of our hosted events...

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