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LaValla weddings and amazing foods
Each one of us has a different vision of the perfect event.
We will make your vision become reality and plan the event to your heart's desire
LaValla conference and function spaces
LaValla lawn games
LaValla Theatre, movies and shows.





When we truly focus we learn... Escape the city's white, baron walls. In our tranquil, countryside location, the ideas flow, the learning begins and the "staff" become a team..

On your wedding day your job as Bride and Groom is to show up, look beautiful and enjoy the party…

(leave the rest to us)!

Your can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation…


From finger food functions, to high tea. Birthday party's to brunches. Family reunions to festivals... 

Just give us the specs, and leave the rest to us...

Dining with us is something special

You may have heard of the phrase, "the LaValla way". That's because the way that we dine isn't your traditional restaurant-style ordering from the menu. We believe that breaking bread together enhances powerful conversation, provides meal variety, increases all the feel-good hormones, creates connection and exceeds even your appetite's expectations. Don't take our word for it hear it from our guests.

Meet the team looking after you

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