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Just when you thought those days are over..... we have some homework for you to do. This will help us understand exactly what it is you are wanting for the big day. 

You are not alone though, let us know if there are any questions and how we can help.
Click on the link to complete the form.

Wedding Homework Form

Useful links :

Our selection of beverages are only limited to what you want on the day.
Let the team know if there are any favorites that you would like included for the day.

The wedding menu is a sample of the foods we lovingly prepare onsite for you and your guests. Challenge us with dishes and let the team know if there are foods that you would like  made , like nana's famous eel & bull horn pie.... anything goes :-)

Savour the tranquility....

Wake without an alarm, breath in the fresh air and most importantly...RECHARGE!!!

Our onsite accommodation is reserved and exclusive to you and your guests when booking functions at LaValla

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