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We have been making LOTS of changes to make the world a cleaner place and we want to share with you some of the things we do around here to reduce our Carbon Footstep for your next function. We care about the world we live in and make every effort to make sure we produce as much as we possibly can from THE FARM TO THE FORK...


Fresh Vege's: Just in case there was ever a question of freshness or environmental awareness. Food miles: 0, packaging: 0, recycling: 100% use if not human by worm farm or by pig..... not because it's trendy but just because that's how we do things round here!

Home Made: We all love a little bit of bread with our butter, especially when it is freshly made straight out the oven.... and even the LaValla bees work extra hard making sweet fresh honey made from LaValla flowers to go on that fresh bread!

Our tap water revolution: We have amazing water and it's NOT wrapped in plastic.  AND No Straws!

Compost:  We compost and worm farm all our kitchen green waste, coffee grinds and tea leaves onsite and use the resulting healthy soil to regrow veges for the table.

Honey: Our onsite beehives keep buzzy making local fresh honey to use in our favourite recipes.  

Compostable Cling Film: When we have to use it (for hygiene purposes), we use compostable cling film so at least it's compost friendly! If you must use disposable food wrap for business or home use this.

Confetti: We only allow natural products like seeds or petals anyway but you should totally make your confetti from leaves.

Packaging: Even our take home treats are packaged up in recyclable paper bag packaging.

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