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LaValla Wedding



now it is time to plan the big day, every couple is unique, as is everyone's idea of the perfect wedding, your personal touch is key.

We want to give you the freedom to choose and design your day, we help with the "process" so you can concentrate on the special things.

Flowers... check; Dress... check; Make-up artist... check; Venue...?

LaValla's amazing and beautiful location creates the backdrop, where you can focus on every part of your day from preparation to accommodation,choice of indoor and outdoor ceremony locations and reception options.

We firmly believe that your job on your wedding day is to show up, look beautiful and enjoy the party, so we ask you to leave the rest to us!  We're a team of wed-heads who know what we're doing - that's why we won the Supreme Award at the 2019 Wedding Industry Awards.

Don’t just take our word for it – visit LaValla for a free consultation and let’s talk about making your dream day come true.

Got more questions about the way we do things at LaValla? Check out our FAQ's

Need some hints for local suppliers to help you with your essential planning? Check out some of the "People We Like to Play With"

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LaValla weddings include​:

Bridal preparation rooms

Indoor and outdoor ceremony options

Beautiful and diverse photo settings

Multiple reception venue possibilities

Professional consultation and planning

Tailored-meal choices

Space for cultural performances

Onsite accommodation for guests

Wedding Homework

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