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Its time to plan the big day, and we are here to help.  You are unique, so will your ideas be....your personal touch is key.

At LaValla we will work closely with you to "design" your perfect day in a way that creates amazing memories for you and your guests for years to come.  Our specialist wedding team understand that "the feel" of your day is made up of a million will things and we know how to make those things happen, what works and what really doesn't. 

Let us share our knowledge with you to help you plan a Wedding Day that inspires amazing memories for the rest of your life.

LaValla's beautiful location creates the backdrop, where you can enjoy every part of your day from preparation to accommodation, indoor and outdoor ceremony locations and reception spaces to suit small and large weddings.

We firmly believe that on your wedding day you should be able to relax and know the planning is done so you can really be present as a couple both together and for your guests!  - that's why we won the Supreme Award at the 2019 Wedding Industry Awards.

LaValla weddings include​:

Bridal preparation rooms

Indoor and outdoor ceremony options

Beautiful and diverse photo settings

Multiple reception venue possibilities

Specialist consultation and planning

Tailored-meal choices

Space for cultural performances

Onsite accommodation for guests

Lots of care and attention from the LaValla Team

Wedding Homework

We are here waiting for you – visit LaValla for a free consultation and let’s talk about making your dream day come true.

Got more questions about the way we do things at LaValla? Check out our FAQ's

Need some hints for local suppliers to help you with your essential planning? Check out some of the "People We Like to Play With"

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