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It's not all about the weddings and conferences here at LaValla. We have a unique venue that's able to cater to just about any crazy idea!

(If it's illegal, we'll probably do it if you have enough money!)

From high teas to birthday party's, brunches and car clubs we want to make it special.  Don't forget, Christmas parties, family reunions and themed dinners... we can do it all, and we love planning the fun with you.

We have lots of indoor and outdoor spaces to create your event and host your guests,


We can't wait to hear your ideas.... and if you need some help, we can share some with you


Make your next event something special at LaValla...

Got more questions about the way we do things at LaValla? Check out our FAQ's and visit our FOOD page.

Here at Lavalla, we are all about giving our guests a unique experience - we serve our guests Family Style, sharing at your table.  When it comes to food choice, we work with you to develop a menu to suit you and your guests, we have a wide range of cuisine experience so challenge us. Our Kitchen team is happy to talk you through our specialities.

NOTE: We cater for ALL dietary requirements, get in touch today!

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