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Dining LaValla

Breaking bread together is the LaValla way. Our dining style brings people together, creates conversation and never fails to WOW our guests.

.....So before we say too much these are a few snippets of comments from our guests who have all dined the LaValla Way, whether at a conference a wedding or a private event:

"The food is unreal!!! David produced mountains of perfect meals to fit our requirements."

"The Kai was some of the best I have ever had!!"

"The food was WOW"

"Food is to die for, Highly recommend"

"The food was amazing"

"It was the best roast lamb I have ever had... you must go."

"They met all my unusual dietary requirements, the chef even came to talk to me."

"The food was as good, if not better than we were told by others!"



Every Meal and Every Day is Different....

  • Take one thing off your list... leave the menu to us, whether you are hear for the day, or the week, we make sure the table is full of options for all with new dishes every sitting.

  • A wide selection of dishes served family style to your table to share as a group, continue the conversation and get to know your team while you enjoy the full range of dishes.  *All conference lunches and dinners are two courses unless otherwise arranged.

  • All special diets are catered to individually just tell us what they are and let us work the magic.
    * Many of our standard dishes are suitable for many common intolerances and allergies
    *Nobody with a dietary restriction should feel like they are missing out! We explain what is suitable from the main table AND bring tailored dishes for those who have restrictions.

  • Meals are prepared fresh daily by our amazing kitchen team, using fresh ingredients often grown at LaValla or sourced locally.


  • We work with you to pick your favourites and make sure all your guests are catered to perfectly.  So often we here from our couples months after their wedding saying their guests are STILL raving about the food!!

  • We will work with you to design just the right menu for you.



  • Like with weddings, choosing a menu to suit a large group can be challenging, 

  • We will work with you to create a menu that speaks to your tastes and that of your guests, suits your event, dinner lunch or grazing. 

  • Our kitchen team are specialists in many different cultures cuisine so chat to us.

  • As always we need to know about special diets so we can make sure everyone gets the best out of their dining experience.

..... what we need to know

  • What room set-up do you need, are we seating for dinner, or are we doing a mix and mingle.

  • Dietary requirements, we don't want anyone to feel left out....tell us and we will look after them, we promise :-)

  • Any formalities and when they might be... speeches, presentations that happen while dining, this helps us make the timing work best and keeps us out of the way when the important stuff is happening.

Learn More about Dining "The LaValla Way" Chat to the team behind the magic.

The Fine Print Stuff....terms and conditions

  • Food pricing is valid at the time of quote for 3 months but is subject to change based on supply and market fluctuation.

  • See our Terms and Conditions


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Dining LaValla
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