LaValla Functions CATERING 2


Dining with us is something special

You may have heard of the phrase, "the LaValla way". That's because the way that we dine isn't your traditional restaurant-style ordering from the menu. We believe that breaking bread together enhances powerful conversation, provides meal variety, increases all the feel-good hormones, creates connection and exceeds even your appetite's expectations.


Whether you're hosting or visiting a conference, function or celebration at LaValla, you'll be dining "family style" so that you can share the experience with others.

Dietary requirements?  No problem! We take great pride in our ability to cater for all guests, so rather than offering a separate menu, our kitchen team go out of their way to ensure people leave heard, understood and satisfied. Following food service, our Cooks will come and see the guests to ensure that every expectation is met... and exceeded.


Trust us... the food is something your guests will remember, comment on and praise you for.

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